Vaginal Discomfort And Illness
Vaginal Discomfort And Illness

There are several reasons that can cause vaginal discomfort and illness. The most common vaginal health condition is called vaginitis, a broad term used for several inflammation and infections that you might experience down there. There is a similar vaginal health condition that is called vulvovaginitis. This condition is mainly the same as vaginitis, with a bit of difference that the infection and inflammation are both on your vagina and on your vulva (vulva is the outer part of your vagina/genitals).

What Should I Look For In Case Of Vaginal Discomfort?

If you feel a slight itch or burning sensation on your genitals, know that it is not okay, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. You must seek help from your gynecologist because if that little itch spreads over, it can cause an infection by disturbing the natural pH of your vagina. It is common for our genitals to attract yeast infections and harmful bacteria if the natural pH is disturbed. It happens equally in men and women; thus, seeking help and ensuring excellent genital health must be your priority. Following are the leading signs and symptoms that you must look for:

  1. Pain or burning sensation during urination is a common sign
  2. Pain during intercourse is a red alert to which you must respond
  3. Vaginal bleeding or spotting (other than menstruation)
  4. Change in the amount and color of vaginal discharge
  5. Excessive vaginal itching leading to acne or rashes

What Do These Symptoms Say?

Each of these symptoms means that the person is experiencing a unique infection. The common types of vaginal infections are bacterial infection, yeast infection, vaginal atrophy, irritants, and trichomoniasis. These infections will vary based on the symptoms. Additionally, you must prevent making guesses about the type of infection that you might have.

It is advised that in case of vaginal illness or discomfort, a woman must seek medical help and follow an expert’s words. Vaginal infections, we have said it once, we will repeat it, are nothing to be ashamed of, and they are not life-threatening issues. Thus, you must consult a doctor before the situation worsens and you experience vaginal dryness, or perhaps, the infection starts to affect the vaginal lining. Consult a doctor if:

  1. You never had vaginal infections before
  2. You have had an infection before, but the symptoms are new
  3. You have had new sexual partners
  4. You develop a fever (in this case, it might be pregnancy)
  5. Your symptoms return after treatment


You must keep in mind that a woman’s age also determines which kind of infection and illness she is facing. If you are a young girl who hasn’t reached puberty, you are probably experiencing vulvovaginitis. If you have reached puberty and not sexually active, it can be a bacterial or yeast infection. It can also be the case that you have used irritants on your vagina. If you are sexually active, the chances are that you might be experiencing bacterial or yeast infections in addition to trichomoniasis. Finally, if you are in the age of menopause, the infection you are seeing is most probably vagina atrophy, giving you vaginal dryness and discomfort. You can use lubricants to fix this issue. Vazoplex is one of the most enchanting vaginal lubricants that you can use for added comfort and better sexual performance. Order yours now!

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