Christopher Griggs, President

A legendary entrepreneur and tireless innovator, Christopher R. Griggs is president of Beauty Mark, a private label company he founded nearly 30 years ago. During his tenure he has launched and reinvented retail and direct sales business models, identified new distribution and marketing pipelines and developed next-generation beauty, cosmetics, personal care and health and wellness products.

Skillfully positioning Beauty Mark as the go-to source for ahead-of-the-now skin care brands, his management style has led Beauty Mark to team with leading chemists, formulators and stem cell research scientists who have developed products for Paul Mitchell, Redken Labs, Nature’s Gate, Arbonne and others.

His 360 degree approach to breakthrough products from R&D to formulation, packaging and distribution has resulted in alliances with Serious Skin Care, Jet Tan Systems, Head Start Vitamins, Biogenesis Hair Thinning Solution, New Lash, Line Eliminator, Tahitian Tan, Twilite Tan, Gerovicap, Vasoplex, Foliplex, Global Stem Care Labs and Epistémé among others.

His sales initiatives and strategic partnerships include product launches for Jennifer Flavin-Stallone, Connie Stevens, Pat Boone, Frankie Avalon, McLane Stephenson and other celebrities. All have earned feature placement at department stores, luxury retailers, beauty outlets, Home Shopping Network, consumer-direct via infomercials, short and long form TV advertising, and digital distribution. His entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to quality, excellence and innovation remain the soul of the company today.

One of the early pioneers in stem-cell skin care, lash growth serums and hair treatments, he was also among the first to offer subscription boxes, now a $6 billion market. Throughout his career he has continually reinforced his philosophy to empower entrepreneurs to make their personal “mark” with their own individual style. He has provided opportunities for thousands of entrepreneurs to open and grow their own businesses and learn valuable leadership, marketing, sales and networking skills.

In 1995 he founded Party Gals, one of the world’s leading direct sales romance companies offering entrepreneurs an opportunity to sell unique beauty, personal care and bath and body products from home. Whether a part-time endeavor or primary income source, Party Gals gave women in all 50 States & Canada a proven method to pave their own destiny, creating wealth, saving marriages and achieving total revenues of over $100 million during 22 years of operation.

He earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business at Georgia State University. Away from work, he enjoys spending time with his family, playing golf, traveling, and watching just about any sporting event. He resides in Laguna Beach, CA, Las Vegas, NV and St. Simon’s Island, GA. He can be reached by email at

Lisa Griggs, Director of Marketing

Lisa Griggs is passionate about helping entrepreneurs make the connections they need to be successful. Her motto, “Everyone is just one person away from stepping into their destiny,” expresses her confidence that the connections she provides for her clients are key for their success.  One industry executive labels Lisa “Mother MLM” because of her keen ability to “mother” people in their Multi-Level Marketing journeys, using her published insightful marketing materials currently available on Amazon. Her work ethic, passion and integrity is admired and trusted by her colleagues and also aids in her execution of projects that develop and boost revenue for her partners.

In 2012, Lisa initiated Veracity Marketing, a consulting and coaching service for creative individuals who need help in securing investors and accessing a wide range of resources, including partaking in her own network.  Her expertise in sales and marketing has provided direct-sale companies and their distributors the tools to generate innovative marketing strategies that result in increased sales. Lisa teaches that selling is sharing and sharing is fun! What matters most is that her clients receive exactly what they want because she sees them as family. Her book, “recruit doctors into your network marketing business” has grown to become a popular step-by-step training manual for networkers, and available for purchase on amazon and other platforms.

Dr. Dwain K. Morris-Irvin, Ph.D., M.P.H

Dr. Morris-Irvin, Chief Scientific Officer, is a top stem cell scientist who received his BA from The Johns Hopkins University, MPH from UCLA School of Public Health and PhD from UCLA School of Medicine. He has worked with world re-known scientists and clinicians in Stem Cell Biology, tumor immunology and the Neurosciences. Dr. Morris-Irvin’s research over the past twenty years has focused on developing novel therapeutics to treat neurodegenerative diseases, including Parkinson’s disease and Brain Tumors. The research has focused on better understanding signaling system that stem and progenitor cells use to build tissue during development, repair tissue after injury and respond to an aging environment. More recently, Dr. Morris-Irvin has partnered with renowned cosmetic Chemist, Dr. Ron DiSalvo, to develop novel anti-aging cosmeceuticals that utilizes the best advances in cosmetic chemistry, plant biology, stem cell technology and nanotechnology. Together they have worked to develop products that are effective without containing toxins for immediate short-term effects. “Our products are developed for long–term use and long-term beneficial effects to minimize the aging process in a healthy way.” We seek to continue to develop and license novel cutting-edge anti-aging cosmetics that provide biological solutions to improve the appearance of the skin as opposed to toxins that provide “quick-fix” solutions that cause further damage to the skin after long-term use. Furthermore, consumers that utilize salons and spa services for skin peels, Botox; needling and ultraviolet radiation would see additional benefits by combining our products with these services.

Dr. Ron Disalvo, R&D

Dr. Ron Disalvo has directed the world’s top beauty brands to unbelievable long-term success with his unique state-of-the-art formulations and cutting-edge technology. Dr. DiSalvo served as Vice President of Research & Development for Redkin Laboratories, and was Director of Research & Development for Paul Mitchell. Dr. DiSalvo has authored over 92 articles and has written, coauthored and/or contributed to the writing of 31 technical books, including The Chemistry & Manufacture of Cosmetics, considered to be the bible of the cosmetic and personal care industry. Dr. DiSalvo teaches cosmetic science and related subjects at UCLA, also has been a top lecturer of cosmetic science for eight universities. He is a Chartered Chemist, Chartered Scientist and Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, Emeritus Member of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, and holds membership in The American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists,, The Association of Formulating Chemist . The DiSalvo Advanced Skin Technology System will transform skin technology just as Apple Computer did with digital technology — forever changing the face of beauty worldwide. We are honored and blessed to have Dr. Ron and Dr. Jeanne for over 30 years.

David J. Kuff, PR

David J. Kuff is an advertising, marketing and corporate communications executive with 20+ years experience. He has developed successful campaigns and product launches for beauty, skin care and health and wellness clients promoting a strong image to the press, stakeholders and consumers.

As a creative strategist his vision has driven growth for Guthy-Renker, Jurlique, Priori Pyratine Skincare, Nurigene, LushLash, Zegarelli Hair Care, Victoria Jackson Cosmetics and brands. He has also formulated, manufactured and distributed private label cosmetics, skin care and nutritional products from concepts and testing to packaging, retail distribution and consumer marketing.

As media planner he has placed millions of dollars in print, television, cable and online advertising in top U.S. markets. He has placed feature news articles in Huffington Post,  New York Times, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox News Channel, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Hollywood Reporter, Variety and Associated Press. His creative has been featured in Allure, Glamour, Seventeen, Cosmopolitan and other media outlets.

Prior to Beauty Mark he directed marketing projects for entertainment and consumer brands including Holland Flower Council, Diamond Council of America, U.S. Navy, Shell, Marriott and Red Bull. His public relations blitz helped Wally Park grow from an LAX parking lot to 15 locations and $800 million in annual sales.

He was previously a copywriter at J. Walter Thompson, Media Director for and PR Manager for Hakuhodo Advertising where he directed campaigns for Sapporo, Kenwood and All Nippon Airways. He earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English from the University of Maryland. He resides in Los Angeles devoting much of his time to travel, writing, feature films, animal rights and environmental causes.

Amanda Hood, MBA, Digital Marketing Strategist

Amanda Hood is a married mother who resides in the beautiful midwestern state of Ohio, where she was born and raised. She has two cats, two dogs, two leopard geckos and three darling children ages 13, 10 and 8. With a fierce entrepreneurial spirit, Amanda prides herself in being somewhat of a chameleon in business. Graduating with her Bachelor’s Degree in Management Information Systems and Photography in 2003, she immediately began her IT career as a Tester and then moving up to an Applications Programmer. In 2005, she was awarded a Graduate Assistantship and began constructing websites for local businesses in the Dayton area, as the Lead Designer for the Small Business Development Center at the Raj Soin College of Business at Wright State University. In 2006, she graduated with her MBA. One quarter prior to graduation, Amanda was hired as an adjunct instructor in the Computer Sciences Department at Wright State University, teaching website design at the 100 college level. She continued her teaching journey for the next eight years, teaching management, entrepreneurship, website design, Microsoft Applications, Intro to Marketing, Project Marketing, Intro to Business, Business Communications, and other website development tools and software applications. In 2007, she started her own wedding photography studio. And, has been a full-time freelance website designer, small business consultant, professional networker and wedding photographer for the past decade. Although she wears several hats, and loves to stay busy, she is always a mama first and foremost.